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  • Wendi Swope

LATA Supporting Hanford Tank Off-Gassing Demonstration Project

LATA supported the development of a “proof of concept” demonstration system for the treatment of off-gasses emanating from the tank farm venting systems at the DOE Hanford, WA site. The demonstration unit uses air intake on a combustion engine to draw vapors through a series of mercury removal filtration vessels filled with a proprietary treated carbon that was developed by NUCON for mercury removal. LATA provided electrical engineering / instrumentation & controls for this off-gas treatment system and completed the design and fabrication of the data logging enclosure. The success of this “proof of concept” demonstration unit led to the award of the permanent full-scale design, fabrication and testing of to NUCON. LATA continues to provide electrical engineering / instrumentation and controls support to NUCON on this project.

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