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Safety, Service & Relationship

Founded in December 1976, LATA provides technical and project management services to a varied clientele including federal agencies, state governments, municipalities, and a broad range of private sector industrial clients.

Since the 1970s, LATA has excelled at nuclear facility operations and maintenance; remediation; D&D; waste management; design, installation and operation of highly specialized systems and processes for Special Nuclear Materials handling, and project services for the Department and Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration, other federal clients, and DOE prime contractors. In the 1980s LATA expanded into communication systems design and testing for defense applications, and in the early 1990s into the environmental services arena, performing some of the most challenging Superfund site remediation efforts in the country as well as some of the most high-profile site and facility closure projects in the nation's Nuclear Weapons Complex.

Today, LATA's employees take ownership and pride in serving a diverse clientele ranging from the Departments of Energy, State, and Defense, to such industrial companies as Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Navistar, CSX, Ashland Chemical, Dynegy, and others.


The company's sophisticated business and project management systems, its diverse talent base, its record of safe, in-budget and on-time project performance, and its mature programs for quality management and health & safety have led to the award and successful execution of multiple and diverse large and complex contracts.

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