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  • Wendi Swope

LATA-Atkins Technical Services JV Awarded DOE Waste Management Services Contract at Y-12

OAK RIDGE, Tenn: June 17, 2019 – LATA-Atkins Technical Services, LLC (LATS), a joint venture between Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc. (LATA) and Atkins Nuclear Secured Holdings Corporation (ANS), is pleased to announce it has been awarded the Waste Management Services (WMS) subcontract for the Department of Energy (DOE) Y-12 National Security Complex under the DOE’s prime contract with Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS). This is a 2.5-year subcontract with five 1-year option periods.

LATS is a joint venture under the US Small Business Administration Mentor-Protégé (MP) Program. The LATS team is further strengthened by team member Strata-G, an accomplished Veteran-Owned Small Business. Strata-G has Y-12 experience on the Liquid WMS subcontract and provides solid waste characterization and management services to other Y-12 entities.

The LATS team brings to the DOE and CNS a waste management track record of treating over 6.4 billion gallons of liquid wastewater and over 13.31 million tons of solid waste, in addition to providing facilities operations. The LATS team has maintained nearly 200 nuclear, radiological, and industrial facilities within the DOE/NNSA complex, including some at Y-12.

“We are very pleased to be working with LATA on this mission-critical scope of work,” said Tom Jouvanis, President of ANS. “We have enjoyed a 15-year partnership with LATA remediating sites across the DOE complex. Our combined expertise will serve us well in this new endeavor.”

Ms. Linda Kobel, LATA President & CEO said, “Our team represents decades of compliant waste management experience within the DOE and Oak Ridge communities with an unparalleled safety record and commitment to CNS, DOE, and Y-12.” Kobel further stated, “The LATS team includes some of the industry’s most qualified and proven resources to execute the WMS subcontract. We are fully committed to the safe execution of the project and to deliver regulatory compliance, well-maintained systems, and 100 percent availability of all waste storage and liquid treatment systems at Y-12.”

About Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc.

Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc. (LATA) provides technical and project management services to federal agencies, state governments, municipalities, and a broad range of private sector commercial clients. Since the 1970s, LATA has excelled at nuclear facility operations and maintenance; remediation; D&D; waste management; design, installation and operation of highly specialized systems and processes for Special Nuclear Materials handling, and project services for the Department and Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration, other federal clients, and DOE prime contractors. In the 1980s LATA expanded into communication systems design and testing for defense applications, and in the early 1990s into the environmental services arena, performing some of the most challenging Superfund site remediation efforts in the country as well as some of the most high-profile site and facility closure projects in the nation’s Nuclear Weapons Complex.

About Atkins Nuclear Secure


Atkins Nuclear Secured Holdings Corporation is a business unit within SNC-Lavalin’s global nuclear sector focused on the US federal market. With strengths in nuclear operations, process design engineering, waste management, characterization, transportation, disposition and high-level waste technologies, Nuclear Secured is a partner in the team managing the Tank Operations contract at Hanford, leads the teams managing the DUF6 plants in Portsmouth and Paducah and the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in Ontario, and manages the U-233 project in Oak Ridge, TN.

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