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Dr. Carl A. Beard joins LATA

LATA is pleased to announce to Dr. Carl A. Beard as joined LATA as President, Sandia Technical Partners, a newly formed joint venture participating as a subcontractor to National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia (NTESS), the new Management and Operations Contract for Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). Dr. Beard’s most recent assignment was Group Vice President of AECOM Nuclear & Environment Management Services where he supported management operations at multiple sites involving nuclear operation and environmental remediation and served as Director of Nuclear Oversight at the Sellafield Site in the United Kingdom. Previous assignments have included major positions at Los Alamos National Security, LLC including Principal Associate Director, Business and Operations, Associate Director, Plutonium Science and Manufacturing, and Deputy Associate Director, Stockpile Manufacturing and Support. Has has also had engineering, explosives manufacturing, and analytical services management positions at Pantex. Dr. Beard will lead STP’s support to NTESS in the transition of the new contract to ensure seamless continuity in SNL’s mission to support the nuclear weapons stockpile program, conduct energy and environmental research, and promote basic science and engineering research. Following transition, Dr. Beard will lead STP efforts to support NTESS in developing and implementing its small business outreach programs that enhance opportunities for the New Mexico small business community to support the SNL mission.


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