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  • Wendi Swope

LATA Continues LT Operations and Maintenance Work for USACE-Kansas City District

Awarded in 2017, LATA just recently completed its first full year of operations at seven Kansas City District installations. This work is being conducted for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under LATA’s Small Business ERS contract. Under this contract, LATA provides long term operations and monitoring including:

  • Operation and maintenance of landfills including inspections, cap repair and enhancements, bank stabilization, and erosion repair

  • O&M and optimization of groundwater and soil treatment facilities

  • Environmental sampling and reporting

The seven army installations are:

  • Fort Leavenworth (Kansas)

  • Fort Riley (Kansas)

  • Fort Leonard Wood (Missouri)

  • St. Louis Ordnance Plant (Missouri)

  • Weldon Springs Ordnance Works (Missouri)

  • Charles Melvin Price Support Center (Illinois)

  • Kings Mills U.S. Army Reserve Center (Ohio)

One of LATA’s major success stories during the first year of operations included negotiating with USACE and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) to operate three Fort Riley treatment systems in a pulsed operational scheme due to very low contaminant concentrations. Two of these systems now operate on a one month on/one month off schedule. These systems each treat extracted vapors through electric catalytic oxidizers which consume a lot of electricity for thermal destruction of the contaminants. The third system was authorized for a temporary shut down for six months to allow contaminant concentrations to rebound before being started back up. These optimizations drastically reduce electric consumption costs.

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