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LATA has provided engineering management of the Motor Wheel Disposal Site (MWDS) Superfund site since 1995 and continues with system operations. The MWDS project encompasses:

  • Groundwater modeling and treatment

  • Site investigation

  • Design and implementation of remote operations

Work Performed: LATA served as lead engineer for the design, implementation, and integration of a comprehensive SCADA system at MWDS.

  • The treatment system encompasses three separate extraction zones, over 3.5 miles of pipeline through city streets and an outfall 1.5 miles to the Grand River.

  • LATA provided the different extraction zones with separate “slave” Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and power distribution networks that communicate to the “Master” PLC at the site via Radio telemetry.

  • The system comprises five separate Allen-Bradley SLC-5/03 programmable controllers communicating via Metricom 928 Mhz spread spectrum radios.

The design also allows LATA the ability to add additional remote nodes without compromising the initial investment in hardware and software. LATA:

  • Designed and constructed the electrical and control

  • Performed the Programmable Logic Controller and the Human Machine Interface programming

  • Performed Factory Acceptance Test of the panels before delivery

  • Provided the system integration on-site during startup for remote operation of the system


The system has maintained a high operational uptime of >92% due to the level of sophistication of the controls systems LATA designed and installed. Data gathered remotely allows for ongoing optimization of the system leading to a high system throughput.

Lansing, Michigan

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