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  • Los Alamos Technical Associates

LATA Awarded Phase II of Tonopah Demolition

Following successful completion of Phase I Structural Demolition of the Tonopah Test Range (TTR) in Nevada, LATA was awarded a Phase II contract to demolish 9 additional structures. Four of the structures were cylindrical steel towers; each was approximately 10ft. in diameter concrete ranging 20 to 40 ft. tall, constructed of steel with a concrete base and 6 ft. in diameter concrete cylinder extending the entire height of the tower. The other structures included a large target structure consisting of wood and structural steel, a three-part bridge structure, and a small guard shack on a wooden skid platform. The work was completed three weeks ahead of schedule on May 25, 2017, with zero injuries and zero compliance issues. All demolition operation complied with DOE/NNSA, OSHA, and Sandia’s Environmental, Safety & Health regulation and specifications.

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