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Scioto Township, Ohio

Approximately 4,000 metric tons of uranium material was received at Portsmouth from other DOE sites and five universities. LATA managed the disposition of existing uranium materials as well as uranium material handling, surveillance and maintenance of storage facilities, and Nuclear Material Control and Accountability (NMCA) semi-annual inventories.


Work Performed:

  • Managed six Hazard Category 2 Nuclear Facilities

  • Implemented new 10 CFR 830-compliant safety basis

  • Startup of new Hazard Category 2 activities, including restart of glovebox operations for highly enriched uranium downblending

  • Building modification and startup of receipt of UF6 cylinders from Oak Ridge

  • Development, installation, and startup of a repackaging facility for high gram uranium wastes

  • Dispositioned 40% of total inventory, including opening and inspecting shipping containers and obtaining approved Waste Profile for disposal at the Nevada National Security Site

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LATA shipped approximately 1,700 metric tons of excess uranium, including a record 46 truckloads in a one-week period.

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