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LATA engineers in Columbus, Ohio, developed the initial design and led the Paducah deactivation team in the procurement, fabrication, and testing of Portable Cell Treatment Cart (PCTC) systems.

Work Performed: LATA developed a specialized technology to perform in-situ chemical cleaning of cascade equipment.

  • The PCTC systems were designed to remotely remove residual radionuclides held up in the thousands of inactive gaseous diffusion cells at the facility.

  • The constituents used for removal and the radionuclides being removed required using LATA’s NQA-1 level quality program and incorporating nuclear criticality safety into the engineering design.

  • Additionally, because this design concept had not been conducted in this configuration before on the DOE complex, LATA had the additional challenge of satisfying an onboard independent review team from DOE at each step in the design process.

The PCTC design process incorporated system safety engineering and analysis on a continuous basis using comprehensive risk analysis and management process (RAMP) accounting for:

  • Engineered systems and components

  • Environmental factors

  • Financial concerns

  • Hazard mitigation strategies

  • Protection of project personnel

Paducah, Kentucky

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