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Chief Contracting Officer


Jenna Knowles is LATA’s Chief Contracting Officer.  She is experienced in contracts and procurement, including purchase order and subcontract management, planning and managing agreements, and project support for all company projects. As Chief Contracting Officer, Jenna analyzes and revises company policies to realize efficiencies in contract activities for project managers and accounts payable personnel. She works closely with and leads teams to make strategic improvements to purchasing and accounting systems based on customer and stakeholder feedback. She acts as liaison between project managers and the accounting department to resolve difficult issues that require face-to-face meetings and helps streamline the payment of invoices to vendors under various projects. She evaluates, interprets, and ensures compliance with contract requirements for all LATA projects, maintains SAM registrations for all company entities and joint ventures, coordinates payment of invoices under various projects, and assists project managers with project control and cost functions. She also conducts internal audits to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures as well as federal, state, and local legislation. She is proficient with Microsoft Office Suite, SAP, Enovia, QlikView, Oracle, SmartPlant Enterprise and CostPoint Deltek.

Jenna has a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language Literature from Texas Tech University.

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