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LATA managed the design, fabrication, testing and passivation of 10 deposit removal carts.

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LATA supported the transfer of leased USEC facilities and areas to DOE, led the conversion from Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulation to DOE regulation. LATA stabilized and deactivated facilities formerly used for uranium enrichment. LATA also managed utility optimization and operated the onsite laboratory.

Work Performed:

  • Cell treatment, planning freon removal

  • Reduction of the limited area and radiological area footprint reduction

  • Replaced the roofs on all major process buildings

  • Deactivation of facilities including C-409, C-727, and C-337

  • Associated monitoring and waste management

  • Managed the design, construction, installation, testing, and startup of deposit removal support systems, including skid-mounted lube oil systems, the sanitary water-cooling piping and supply, gas piping modifications, and cell modifications including R-114 capping and gas system “hot taps”

  • Performed a thermal analysis of the facilities to support the installation of a supplemental cascade building heating system to protect the Fire Protection System from freezing during the winter and completed design of a new heating system

LATA managed the safe removal of all lube oil from the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, the largest combustion hazard at the site.

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LATA managed the safe removal of all PBC oils from the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant process buildings.

Paducah, Kentucky

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