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The removal of 20-ton tanks was accomplished using the combination of an overhead crane, oversized forklift and boom crane.

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Removed pipe ranging from 4-inch to 12-inch

in constricted space.

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Optimized the resin slurry removal system including Geotube dewatering bags and flexible containers for disposal.

LATA, as a subcontractor under Navarro's prime legacy management contract, removed eight, 6600-gallon pressure vessels and one storage vessel, each full of spent resin of contaminated multimedia.

Work performed:  

  • Media and ion exchange (IX) resin removal

  • D&D of existing infrastructure

  • Removal of eight 6600-gallon pressure vessels, each full of spent IX resin and contaminated multimedia

  • Emptying one 20,000-gallon IX resin storage vessel

Removal of 20-ton tanks was accomplished using the combination of an overhead crane, oversized forklift, and boom crane for transportation.


LATA was awarded the work based on an innovative technical approach that included the removal of the resin in slurry form to minimize personnel contact and removal of the tanks wholly intact including some or all of the contents rather than completely emptying the tanks and downsizing for transport.

Facility modifications included:

  • Fabricating and installing temporary spool pieces to tie in two remaining pressure vessels to allow water treatment in the interim between the demolition of the existing system and installation of the new system

  • D&D of all existing piping, structural components and catwalks within the CAWWT facility

  • Disposal of radiologically contaminated components including miscellaneous debris, multimedia, IX resin, tanks and piping


IX resin transfer was accomplished by slurrying the material using the diaphragm and/or centrifugal pumps from the tanks into dewatering bags. Piping demolition was completed by disassembling or “cold” cutting of the process components and transferring the pipe from the contamination area to intermodal containers. The tanks were demolished by removing all piping connections and closing and/or capping all flanges and openings.

Fernald, Ohio

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