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LATA provided IT personnel to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Distribution Standard System (DSS) mission for the support of combat logistics.

Work Performed:


LATA provided IT development, maintenance, and release management to the DLA Information Operations Centers at Hill AFB, UT.  DLA provided a family of Logistics related systems across the DOD community known as the Distribution Standard Systems. Within this family was a:

  • Worldwide order entry

  • Inventory

  • Receipting/issuing

  • Shipping/receiving family of applications


Users from any Depot, even extending to the warfighter, could order supplies from this system, which operated on a 24/7/365 basis.  At any point in the 24-hour clock, several thousand users were accessing these systems.

Additionally, DLA provided other systems that supported:

  • Safety and health reporting

  • Local base ordering and distribution

  • Mapping

  • Other systems ancillary to the core DSS


Because these systems were critical to the Department of Defense's peacetime and war efforts, they were available 24 hours a day. DSS fielded two releases per year that incorporated changes to the systems that are prioritized by their user community and DLA management.  A full software development life cycle was utilized to support development efforts.  At any time during the year, staff supported minor emergency changes to the production system, completed the next version upgrades and testing, and worked on design changes for the future version.

LATA personnel assigned to this project included:

  • Systems Engineers involved in supporting Generational systems design and change to current and future versions

  • DataBase Administrators skilled in both DB2 and Oracle who supported architectural and data element dictionary upgrades and adjustments across the family of systems described above

  • Quality assurance staff who were charged with supporting the movement of upgrade and change information and programs through the quality reviews processes prior to their being incorporated in the next level operational systems environment


LATA staff were integral members of the overall team and were deeply involved in the review, qualification and quantification of requirements and schedules for all system changes and upgrades as a part of each release level.

Ogden, Utah

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