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The LATA approach gained approximately six to eight months

in schedule.

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LATA used "surgical" methods versus the slow, costly and laborious process of downsizing and removal by hand.

LATA performed the surgical removal of:

  • All biomass process equipment inside Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Building 2719

  • All exterior fuel and ash handling equipment to the south of Building 2719

  • Biomass fuel handling and storage equipment interior to and associated with Building 2719A

Work performed:

  • Conducted excavation and removal of ammonia tanks and distribution systems

  • Removal and disposal of hydraulic fluids and piping systems

  • Removal and relocation of platforms/catwalks and ancillary utilities connected to platforms/catwalks in Building 2719

  • Performed removal work in general accordance with current industry standards, general industry practices as required by 29 CFR 1926, Subpart T and under the approved JCI 10CFR-851 program and the corresponding approved FM-S EH&S program


LATA used an excavator equipped with a hydraulic shear as the primary means of removing all components. Equipment and debris that was removed was sorted by placing in approved waste containers onsite for transport and disposal or recycling off-site. The removal action was conducted during continued operations at the plant.  For example, live steam lines, fire protection, water process and boiler feed water systems were operational during the removal, and all were in close proximity to our removal operations.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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