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LTO / LTM at 11 sites at Fort Leonard Wood including groundwater monitoring utilizing passive diffusion bag samplers, landfill inspections and maintenance.

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At Fort Riley LTO / LTM is conducted at seven interactive landfills ranging in size from 64 to 120 acres. Three sites include O&M of dual-phase extraction systems.

LATA provides long-term operations and long-term monitoring  at seven Army installations in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas in accordance with Installation Restoration Program requirements.


Work performed:

  • O&M of dual-phase extraction systems

  • Optimization evaluations of extraction systems and LTM to achieve efficient closure

  • Collection of groundwater samples on a quarterly and semiannual basis

  • Monitoring natural attenuation of groundwater contaminant concentrations

  • Management of investigation-derived waste

  • Abandonment of groundwater monitoring wells

  • Inspection of landfills and associated monitoring wells

  • Maintenance and routine repair of landfills including landfill cover repair and placement of fill within subsidence trenches

  • Landfill seep sampling and gas monitoring

LATA is also responsible for evaluations of current and planned land use to ensure that activities are conducted in accordance with the Land Use Control Implementation Plan. Sites include:

  • Fort Leavenworth

  • Fort Riley

  • Fort Leonard Wood

  • Louis Ordnance Plant

  • Weldon Spring Ordnance Works

  • Charles Melvin Price Support Center

  • Kings Mills U.S. Army Reserve Center


Project stakeholders include the USACE, US EPA, and the appropriate state regulators.

Ohio, Illinois, Missouri & Kansas

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