Paducah Northeast Plume Groundwater Pump & Treat System

LATA implemented upgrades to Paducah pump and Treat systems to improve uptime and removal of TCE.

Work Performed: Overhauls/upgrades to the Northeast (NE) Plume and Northwest (NW) Plume treatment systems included

  • Expanding the NW Plume treatment system (which had operated for more than 20 years)
  • Designing, negotiating, and implementing the optimization of the NE Plume treatment system to redirect the NE Plume water through new underground pipelines to a LATA-designed, built, and operated Alternate Treatment Unit (ATU) controlled locally with a programmable logic controller with remote access Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition


The Alternate Treatment Unit consists of:

  • New influent piping
  • A Mobile Treatment System
  • Effluent piping


The Mobile Treatment System consists of:

  • A high efficiency air stripper
  • Air blower
  • Effluent pump
  • Control system enclosed in a heated trailer suitable for year-round operation

LATA upgraded the NW plume treatment system, improving uptime from near 80 percent to over 95 percent.


LATA supplied new automation equipment for the ATU control system consisting of a Programmable Logic Controller and Human Machine Interface located in a NEMA 12 control panel.

PAD_NE PLUME ATU_15_0226_086 - use

The ATU control system allows remote operation, control, and troubleshooting of the ATU and existing extraction system.  LATA installed remote access via static IP addressing to allow remote access to the treatment system.