US State Department:  International Security and Nonproliferation/Export Control
Cooperation Equipment and Services Contract
 US State Department:  International Security and Nonproliferation Export Control
Cooperation Training and Services Contract


LATA supplies global technical support services and equipment supply contract to support the interdiction of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

Work Performed: The EXBS program is an international effort seeking to prevent the proliferation of WMD and advanced conventional weapons by helping to build effective national export control systems in countries that possess, produce, or supply strategic items as well as in countries through which such items are most likely to transit. The program is designed to provide partner nations with the resources necessary to allow for the implementation of WMD interdiction programs.


Kazakh Border Guards accept two new guard housing units in Uralsk, Kazakhstan.

The equipment contract provides for the acquisition of supplies and equipment and its related:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Support services


The training contract supports the Bureau’s foreign assistance training programs including the Bureau’s information technology outreach support programs. Included with the various training programs was the assessment and analysis of foreign government efforts in supporting U.S. led interdiction protocols and efforts. LATA provides training, seminars, workshops, and conference management as requested by the Bureau.

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LATA held training course in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  LATA staff instructed the “South Asia Seaport Interdiction” course.

PD#1 (1)

Regional Export Control Conference held in Tokyo, Japan