Disposal Area Remedial Action (DARA) Soils 
Oak Ridge, TN

Under contract to the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Environmental Management office, LATA removed, transported, and disposed of the Disposal Area Remedial Action (DARA) soils, debris, and liner materials from the DARA Solids Storage Facility (SSF), Building 9720-60, at the Bear Creek Burial Grounds in the Y-12 National Security Complex on the U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Reservation in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Work Performed: The DARA soils and debris consisted of two identified waste streams:

  1. Waste Stream #1 consisted of approximately 4000 cubic yards of soil and approximately 50 cubic yards of miscellaneous debris associated with the placement of the soil following closure of the Oil Retention Ponds at the Bear Creek Burial Grounds

Looking down the gravel ramp at a truck  being loaded.

DARA load

2. Waste Stream #2 consisted of approximately 21 cubic yards of soil along the south wall of the SSF

The SSF is a walled and covered facility with:

  • A concrete base measuring approximately 171 feet by 76 feet (14,000 sq. ft)
  • A dual impermeable synthetic membrane liner separated by a liquid collection system
  • An approximately 10 feet deep waste pile (non-radioactive, clear of pesticides, but still contaminated with PCBs)
  • A steel mesh equipment access ramp (covered with approximately 50 cubic yards of debris)


A gravel ramp was built at one end of the building once enough soil had been transferred from the east end to the west end of the building. The dump trucks used this ramp to enter and exit the building so they could be loaded with soil and debris by the excavators. The existing steel mesh ramp was utilized as well for equipment movement.

4,578 cubic yards (11,055,240lb) of soil and debris were removed from the site. Most of the soil and debris from SSF was sent to the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility. Some soil was sent on to the Nevada Nuclear Security Site.

DARA gravel

The beginnings of the gravel ramp that used by trucks in enter and exit the building.

DARA truck

Once full of soil and debris, the truck beds were covered in preparation for the drive to the landfill.

DARA other end

Inside the building. The metal ramp to the right is the steel-mesh equipment access ramp.

Progression Photos of the Soil and Debris Removal