President and CEO


Linda Kobel has served as President and CEO of LATA since 2016. Ms. Kobel joined LATA as a Vice President in 2012.  Shortly thereafter, she was also appointed General Manager of LATA-Sharp Remediation Services where she provided oversight and key leadership to LATA’s $400M+ DOE portfolio.  Ms. Kobel has served on the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG) Board since 2015.

Among her previous positions, Ms. Kobel worked for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations providing leadership to business operations and later serving as Deputy Manager of Industry Relations. Linda was a co-founder of, and served as Chief Operating Officer for Link Resources, a management consulting company serving the utilities, health care, insurance, manufacturing, technology, government and non-profit sectors. She was Senior Vice President for EnergySolutions providing leadership to the Portsmouth Environmental Remediation and the Uranium Disposition Services (UDS) contracts. Prior to joining LATA, Ms. Kobel helped established Enercon Federal Services where she served as President.

Linda is known for her keen business sense and her ability to apply strong operations expertise to long-term financial and operational planning. She has an exceptional understanding of project and risk management to maximize project success. Her blend of “big business and small business” experience, coupled with her passion for linking people, processes, and operations provides the strategic roadmap for achieving continued success at LATA.  She continues to play a key role in establishing capture strategies for large procurements.   Ms. Kobel holds a BBA in Management from KSU.

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