Building K-33 Demolition & Disposition Project
Oak Ridge, TN

Under the largest fixed price, small business DOE set-aside, LATA demolished the K-33 gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment facility (1.4M square feet).

Work Performed: Covering 64 acres of floor space, demolitions work was followed by removal of building slabs and contaminated soil.

  • Developed a “snip and pull” technique reducing demolition schedule from 12 to 5 months
  • Removed over 640,000 square feet of ACM transite siding utilizing powered scaffolding system
  • Achieved average demolition waste transportation rate of 100 truckloads a day
  • With more than 500,000 hours worked, TRC and DACT rate were zero
K-33-aerial pre demo

Demolished one of the largest buildings in the world, 2.8M square feet of floor space

K-33 tie line

Performed NDA characterization, demolition and disposition of the tie line.

K-33 waste loading

Achieved an average waste transportation rate of 81 loads per day to dispose of 164,000 tons of waste.