Values Statement of LATA

LATA aspires to be recognized as the preeminent provider of technical services, and as a standard-bearer of successful project delivery, in each of the industries and federal agencies we serve. To realize this objective, we must consistently strive for excellence, exhibit honesty in all our dealings, and continuously improve performance in everything we do. Most important, we must demonstrate this excellence by meeting key obligations to our primary stakeholders:

  • To our clients, by materially contributing to their success through the delivery of safe, timely and cost-effective services, and by providing quality work products of enduring value
  • To our employees, by providing opportunities for professional growth and personal development, by rewarding creativity and initiative, by furnishing a work environment that is safe, pleasant and efficient, and by treating one another with fairness, respect and dignity
  • To our business partners, by being as good as our word and meeting all commitments
  • To our regulators, through scrupulous compliance with the rules, directives and regulations that govern our work
  • To our communities, through exemplary citizenship and protection of our workers, the public and the environment
  • To our shareholders, by realizing growth objectives, achieving profitability goals, and effectively managing risk to deliver a healthy return on owner investment