Nuclear Services

LATA has provided project management, facility operations and maintenance, and project services at nearly every Department of Energy (DOE) and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) site in the Nation’s Weapons Complex. Our business focus is engineering for nuclear materials and process facilities, nuclear operations management, nuclear safety and facility startup, and environmental remediation and waste management operations for DOE, its prime contractors, and a varied industrial clientele. As a Nuclear Services company, LATA provides 10 CFR 830 compliant Documented Safety Analysis (DSA)/Technical Safety Requirement (TSR) preparation, facility safety basis planning and implementation, system and test engineering, detailed startup, operations and maintenance procedures, quality assurance, configuration management, readiness review / assessment, and safety management program planning and implementation. LATA maintains expertise in:

Nuclear Facilities and Processes including Hazard Category 2 and 3 facility management and operation, nuclear explosives operations support, design, engineering, construction, Conduct of Operations, waste management, D&D, systems engineering, fire protection, quality assurance, ISMS, ES&H, criticality safety, radiological controls, property management, and surveillance and maintenance.

Nuclear Materials Handling and Disposition including nuclear processing and handling operations involving plutonium, uranium, and tritium, as well as waste management facilities for low-level, high-level, mixed, and transuranic waste throughout the DOE complex. We have managed, processed and disposed of debris, soils, and sludges as well as toxic, hazardous, sanitary, special, solid/liquid, radioactive, and mixed-low-level waste.

Authorization Basis Development and Management including hazard identification and accident analysis, documented safety basis preparation, technical safety requirements preparation, Unreviewed Safety Question Determinations (USQDs), in-service inspections, and compliance assessments and reviews.

Operational Readiness Review and Facility Startup/Restart including test programs and plans, readiness assessments, readiness reviews, component, system, and integrated testing, test reports and test review boards, plan-of-action preparation and review, criteria requirements assessment documents (CRADS) and compliance reviews and assessments.

Nuclear Maintenance Management including maintenance implementation plans, master equipment lists, work control and planning, conduct of maintenance, and corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance.