Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

LATA engineers and technical personnel work with federal, state and municipal government entities to assess the feasibility of installing renewable energy generation systems that include solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas, ocean, geothermal, municipal solid waste or new hydroelectric generation. Our capabilities include system design, construction oversight, commissioning, and system operation and maintenance.

Our feasibility studies determine the best form of renewable energy, recommend system physical size and power output and define the activities and schedule to implement a Power Purchase Agreement. Our studies include factors such as:

  • Site/building size, orientation, access
  • Facility energy demand profile
  • Degree days
  • Wind profile
  • Economics
  • Federal, state and Local incentives
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Grid interconnect issues

Through strategic partnerships, the LATA team is prepared to:

  • Bid on your renewable energy project
  • Arrange project financing
  • Negotiate land/rooftop use agreement
  • Coordinate with your utility/federal power provider
  • Design, build, commission, operate and maintain the renewable energy system over the term of the PPA

LATA National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) specialists also assist federal agencies through all phases of compliance with NEPA.