Industrial Process Control

Industrial Process Control

LATA is a leading provider of Process Engineering & Control (PE&C) services to federal, state, and municipal government entities as well as private industrial Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise includes the design and implementation of turnkey solutions to:

  • Automate industrial chemical, electrical and mechanical processes
  • Optimize operations of existing plants and facilities
  • Remotely operate, monitor, and control systems
  • Integrate electronic security, surveillance, and site monitoring

Our services range from consultation and assistance for a single controls task to comprehensive design/build and commissioning of complete systems. LATA’s services include:

  • Initial process development through engineering design of control systems
  • Fabrication of specialty industrial control panels
  • Equipment specification and installation
  • Programming of human machine interfaces, programmable logic controllers, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • System commissioning
  • Development of operating procedures, O&M manuals and operator training
  • System operation and control

We maintain a fully staffed design, engineering, and drafting department; a UL-listed panel shop for fabrication of specialty industrial control / security panels; and in-house capability for software programming, configuration, troubleshooting, and calibration.