Energy Management

Energy Management

LATA provides total energy management solutions to federal, state and municipal government entities to achieve energy conservation goals. Our services include:

Energy Baseline and Performance Audits

  • Energy/Water/Wastewater – consumption metering data analysis
  • Interior Lighting – inventory fixtures, controls, intensity usage patterns
  • Exterior Lighting – dark sky compliance, diode lighting
  • HVAC – system efficiency, usage controls
  • Plumbing – fixture inventory/efficiency, hot water generation
  • Structures – energy loss
  • Power Distribution/Generation – Assessment of motors, motor controls, transformers, power factor, demand, harmonics emergency power generators

Energy Management Design

  • Electrical, power, instrumentation control, HVAC design
  • Energy saving equipment specifications
  • Project budget, cost and schedule

Construction Oversight

  • Construction/installation of energy efficiency improvements
  • Equipment commissioning and performance verification
  • Long-term remote monitoring and verification of energy savings
Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)
Through our strategic partnership LATA works with federal agencies to accomplish energy conservation projects without up-front capital costs and Congressional appropriations to pay for the improvements. Energy savings resulting from the installed energy efficient improvements are used to pay for the initial investment over the term of the contract. After the contract ends, all additional cost savings accrue to the federal agency.