Engineering Projects

Engineering Project List

Design/Fabrication and Testing of Portable Cell Treatment Cart Systems   ►

Automation and Communications Systems   ►

Integrated Electronic Security & Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, CCTV   ►

Wind/Solar Power Generation System   ►

Hanford Cold Test Facility   ►

Hanford W-314 AP Tank Farm Upgrades, Phases 2 and 3   ►

Idaho CPP-603 Throughput Improvement Analysis   ►

Inspections Mobile Solution   ►

Information Technology Management   ►

KSL IT Support   ►

Locks & Dams—Critical Security Upgrades   ►

Motor Wheel Disposal Site (MWDS) SCADA System   ►

Ohio Department of Transportation Waste Water Treatment Plant Controls and Data Acquisition   ►

PGA Groundwater Pump and Treat System   ►

Process Line Automation   ►

Northeast Plume Groundwater Pump & Treat System   ►

Remote Gate Control / SCADA / Operations – Berlin Lake Dam, Ohio   ►

Phase I and II Communication Devices for NM Rail Runner Express – Albuquerque, NM   ►

iFIX SCADA Upgrades – Locks and Dams   ►

Water Distribution SCADA System Design / Build   ►

Wireless Re-engineering of the Train Management System (TIMS)   ►

ChemTRACE Waste Inventory Tracking   ►

Security and Video Monitoring Design and Implementation   ►

Video and Security Monitoring and Management Systems   ►

WiFi Design and Implementation   ►

X-622 Groundwater Treatment System Upgrades Design / Build   ►

Real Time Remote Water Quality Monitoring of the Spring Creek Sediment Removal Superfund Project