LATA Accolades

Carolyn Kotsol

President & CEO, Winner Water Services

LATA’s mechanical and I&C engineering data was performed with diligence and adhered to all engineering specifications and requirements. With over 16 years in plant engineering and construction, I have worked with several E&C firms and have found LATA to produce excellent engineering work, project management and customer relations. The staff also demonstrated excellence in plant equipment installation and troubleshooting while maintaining safety awareness to operational site protocol.

Rachel H. Blumenfeld

Acting Paducah Sign Lead Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) would like to Recognize the Soils Operable Unit project team for the efforts to effectively manage the activities and costs associated with addressing the conditions received from the regulators of the Soils Operable Unit Remedial Investigation Report at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (DOE/LX/07-0358&D2). The team was challenged with funding constraints and competing priorities during the past month but was able to streamline the development and review of responses to the conditions of the report five week ahead of schedule. This method should be highlighted to our projects teams and used as an example for future projects.

Rachel H. Blumenfeld

Acting Paducah Sign Lead Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) would like to recognize the Burial Grounds Operable Unit (BGOU) project team for their efforts to effectively manage the activities associated with the resolution of dispute addressing the terms agreed to with the regulators for the Feasibility Study for Solid Waste Alanagernent Units 5 and 6 of the Burial Grounds Operable Unit, Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Paducah, Kentucky, DOE/LX/07-0130a&D2/R3. The BGOU team was able to streamline the dispute resolution and real-time comment resolution with DOE and the regulators, which facilitated completion of the report one week ahead of schedule. DOE appreciates the professionalism and support provided during dispute resolution and coordination with the regulatory agencies.

Air Force Civil Engineer Center (Texas Bases Project)

The contractor’s integration and coordination of all activity needed to execute the contract, their reasonable and cooperative behavior (to include timely identification of issues in controversy), and their efforts toward customer satisfaction are very good. The contractor is customer oriented and the interaction between the Contractor and the Government is very good…Key personnel have remained consistent throughout the project. The contractors working relationship with the six installations, the three AF Remedial Project Managers, and the regulatory agencies involved with the work on the contract is excellent.

Saqib Khan

USACE Project Manager

I was the Project Manager from USACE and was involved from beginning on the Schilling S5 project. I found LATA to be very good contractor to work with. LATA Team demonstrated their ability to adopt to various circumstances in order to complete the work on time and within budget. From dealing with regulators to Stakeholders to property owners, LATA helped USACE significantly in order to move the contract tasks forward. LATA has performed very well on two of my projects, and are highly recommended.


LATA received for excellence in reporting to the Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards System, a central federal database used to track and account for nuclear material to ensure that it has not been stolen or diverted to unauthorized users. LATA received a Certificate of Appreciation that stated: “Your efforts are considered ‘Elite,’ a model to the Nuclear Industry and a testament to the quality and high standards of your personnel.”

James D. Kopotic

Portfolio Federal Project Director, East Tennessee Technology Park

The Department of Energy recognizes LATA-Sharp Remediation Services, LLC (LSRS) for their outstanding performance on the K-33 Project while maintaining an excellent safety record with no lost time accidents. The performance of the contract included the demolition and disposition of the K-33 Building; removal and disposition of the K-33 slab and associated contaminated soil; and the removal and disposition of the K-33/31 Process Tie- line…On June 4, 2013, this significant accomplishment was acknowledged by the Secretary of Energy when he conferred upon the project team the Secretary’s Achievement Award for the K-33 Demolition Project.

E. Jean Underwood

LG, Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment

I am the KDHE project manager for the state-lead Pester Burn Pond Superfund Site and ATOFINA Petrochemical, Inc. (now TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS USA, Inc.) is the potentially responsible party (PRP) client served by [LATA] for this project. Under other circumstances where I might be in a position to select [LATA] as a contractor, I would wholeheartedly endorse their selection as an environmental restoration contractor. Make no mistake, [LATA] represents their PRP client very effectively in their negotiations/interface with the State of Kansas, yet has the ability to work in a collaborative manner with this regulatory agency in order to move the project forward. [LATA] and their subcontractors demonstrate the requisite regulatory and technical knowledge necessary to conduct investigative and environmental restoration activities. Since my association with this Superfund project, [LATA] has consistently met regulatory deadlines on behalf of their client and has acted in good faith in responding to regulatory issues and concerns…it is evident from the work products generated by [LATA’s] assembled team that they are guided by an overall effective and efficient project management strategy.

Tim Benton, Supervisor

Lansing District Field Operations, MDEQ, Water Bureau

Jim Watling came back from the quarterly meeting with a chair for me to acknowledge the 3 billion gallons pumped and treated from the MWDS. Thank you for the chair, but even greater thanks goes to you and the Goodyear folks and many others involved in this whole remediation effort. The progress that has been made, and demonstrated by the volume of purged water, is testimony to your professionalism and persistence. I’m sure that the longevity and continuity that you guys brought to this site remediation were essential to its success. I hope in some small way I have provided some assistance regarding drinking water issues (and also NPDES) toward achieving this milestone and not being a millstone.

Scott Miller, Deputy Group Leader

Environmental Characterization & Remediation, Environmental Stewardship Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you both for all your efforts in doing work at MDA C. Earlier today, we completed the TSR validation work conducted by PS Division. Both the assessment team and the PS-4 lead were very complimentary of your work. The PS-4 lead actually commented on how well we were doing in implementing the DSA …he suggested that much more mature programs could not have performed as well. I can’t thank you enough for your leadership and your ability to get work done. Please keep up the excellent work!

Thomas E. Williams, Director

Ashtabula Environmental Management Project

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy, I commend the work performed by RMI Environmental Services and your teamed subcontractors…on the Main extrusion Plant Capital Asset Project. The team has done an admirable job planning and performing building deactivation. Relocating active processes, and overseeing a safe and environmentally compliant demolition project. The MEPCAP is among the largest and most complex projects AEMP has tackled to date, and your team displayed superior coordination and focus to get the job done. Your team also demonstrated both flexibility and creativity in dealing with unexpected conditions. Although this goal seemed daunting last September, the demolition phase has now been completed safely, two months ahead of schedule, and well under budget.

Karen Schultz Paige

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Thank you for continuing to provide such high quality workers to our project. That speaks highly of you and LATA and your ability to hire, sustain, and manage these people.